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VELKO ACADEMY was founded on February 1st, 2015 by Velko Tuhchiev A.K.A the #ProfessionalProblemSolver.

He’s a father, motivator, best-selling author, life and leadership coach, nationally recognized sales teacher and entrepreneur.

We are the most relevant source for Life Skills, Marketing Skills and Sales Skills in the USA.

VELKO ACADEMY offers several different products and services from Virtual Training Platform including Life, Sales and Marketing skills to Leadership Coaching, Business consulting and Digital, Social Media and Creative Marketing.

What makes us different and unique in the market place is that we are offering all learning methods – Interactive Video Library, private coaching group, classroom presentations, and onsite training through role-play and also the famous “Learn as You earn method.”

This is a method also known as “Show vs Tell.” It allows our clients to see our principles and techniques in action. While we are earning for our clients on their behalf all professionals involved are able to learn through demonstration. We found that this is the fastest way to inspire, motivate and convince our clients on what’s possible and it’s also the fastest way to change the culture in your team.

Velko Academy is dedicated to removing depression, anxiety, self-sabotage and limited mindset from your team. Based on our experience working with 100’s organizations and thousands of students we realized that we need to heal professionals before we focus on sales and marketing skills.

Without fear of contradiction, we can say that Velko Academy offers the best and the most efficient method on the planet for collecting referrals and improving loyalty and retention of your existing clients.

We have applied our principles for building, sustaining and growing pipelines of raving fan clients for multiple industries.

Starting with automobile dealerships, real estate, doctors, lawyers, transportation services, construction, roofing, travel agents, event management companies, restaurants, grooming centers, hospitals, academics and education professionals, electronic products, advertising agencies, software service providers, e-commerce, hotels, appliances, fashion and interior design, movie and entertainment, furniture, organic food, beauty products, packers and movers, medicine and pharmaceutical, gifts and many more.

About Velko Tuhchiev

Velko Tuhchiev is a father, nationally recognized motivator, life and leadership coach, sales teacher, best-selling author and entrepreneur.

Immersed in the sales and marketing industry, he has an intimate knowledge of the world of sales because he has sold and delivered nearly 3,000 automobiles, in his career as an automotive sales consultant, and has been able to achieve that success working only four days per week thanks to his ability to build meaningful relationships with his buyers as well as his educational selling style.

As a Top producing sales professional, he was able to build, sustain, and grow impressive pipeline of clientele list that is 100% comprised of repeat and referral buyers; he was also able to shift his business to being appointment-only. Without fear of any contradiction we can safely say Velko is the Master of Referrals.

Most importantly, he created a system including every possible learning method to pass on his knowledge and experience to thousands of students across the USA.

If you ask his clients, they all know him as the #ProfessionalProblemSolver.

He is a results-oriented professional consultant with a vigorous and consistent record of achievements. Keen insight into the needs and views of others – able to listen and identify issues or problem areas and form innovative solutions for individuals and business organizations in the most efficient way.

Velko is known for his high self-confidence and outgoing personality. His incredible success was the reason he was invited to speak at several national seminars and conferences and share some of his innovative techniques, principles and practical strategies for loyalty, retention, REFERRALS, prospecting, cross promotion and branding. His principles and methods are applicable in every business. What makes him the most unique and different business consultant is the fact that he is working with all types of businesses all over the USA – Car dealerships, doctors, lawyers, recruiters, real estate professionals, construction transportation and roofing companies and many more. Velko is actively demonstrating his methods, by selling and earning for his clients with his unique teaching method “Learn while you Earn.”

His sales style is “Educational Selling;” he firmly believes in offering tremendous value and necessary education to his clients and his client’s clients by describing and demonstrating logical solutions to their problems.

Allergic to discounts, Velko’s negotiating and closing techniques teach students to exhaust clients with relevant options offering relevant solutions instead of discounts. His pro-active relational approach, allows him to build trust and instill confidence in his clients.

He believes the best method to teach is to SHOW, not just TELL. Experience vs Theory…

Working with hundreds of companies and thousands of professionals, executive managers and owners, Velko’s goal is to coach businesses to design easy to learn and follow, reliable and efficient processes that guarantee the customer’s remarkable experience and maximum profit.

His courses are designed to deliver enormous value.

Healing the professional first through life skills, psychology, interpersonal skills allows him to help to eliminate depression, self-sabotage, anxiety and limited mindset, he’s also teaching the necessary skill for sales execution and helping build the perfect personal and professional brand.

Championing a “pay-it-forward attitude” that’s supported by unwavering gratitude, Velko will inspire any sales force onto incredible accomplishments.

Velko’s life mission is to develop his unique abilities and creative talents daily by being a great leader who empowers millions of people to become the greatest version of themselves and trough education and care to eradicate all forms of child abuse from the face of our planet, for the sake of God’s pleasure.



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